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Haldane High School Line Drawing
Photo by Linda Speziale

"I feel as if the Haldane School Foundation has overcome boundaries
and done a tremendous job in raising the bar for the quality of
instruments and musical opportunities that are available in what has
traditionally been a budget constrained, small K-12 program. Following
that example, I have demonstrated excellence and stretched that bar
within the music program myself this year. The Foundation has proven
that we can build a broader program and grow our breadth of
of instruments if we apply ourselves creatively. Accordingly, I undertook
the project to secure funding for the repair of three old and broken
school timpani that haven't been used in 29 years. I told my story
to Steve Sterling (a Haldane parent and great fan of the music
department) who secured $440 in funding for refurbishment and
additional supplies from associates within the music industry.
Then, my father and I spoke to repair professionals who gave us
guidance on what to try. Others had looked at them and said they
couldn't be fixed. We had nothing to lose, and happily our efforts were a
success. Last summer and fall, I used the timpani to practice and prepare
for college auditions. This spring, I returned them to Haldane and ran a
series of timpani education workshops for the drummers in grades 4-12.
Our newly refurbished timpani will take their rightful place on stage with
all three bands ... I want to thank the Foundation volunteers very
earnestly for the mission they have undertaken as they have set a fine
example through their continued support of the Haldane Music Program."

"Over my four years of attendance at Haldane, I have been fortunate
enough to have been selected twice to participate in the annual
Immersion Program. My most memorable experience of the two,
however, would most certainly be Immersion '09. The opening
presentation was one to be remembered for years to come. Filmmaker
Seth Kramer showed the group a documentary that dealt with the
complexities of language communication and also how some languages
are in danger of being erased from existence. After the captivating
screening, Mr. Kramer stayed a few extra minutes at the end for a
question and answer session with the students and the chaperones.
Following the movie was a wonderful variety of delectable cuisine
originating from both Hispanic and French origins. After that came a
fun-filled interactive dance demonstration delivered by the musical group
'El Super Grupo de Nueva York'. As evening came so did the student
'coffee house' hour ... All in all it was a day of festive and exciting
activities that formed a memorable experience that I will
cherish for years."

"Other grants that beneficially impacted my years at Haldane were
SMART Boards and laptop computers in the satellite lab.
The SMART Boards especially helped me in AP Calculus when
trying to find the volume of functions. Having such an advanced
visual really contributed greatly to my understanding of the topic.
Secondly the laptops have really helped me with in-class projects
and group assignments."

"I was beneficially impacted by the SMART Boards. In my AP Statistics
class it was very helpful. The best part about it was the virtual calculator
that allowed the whole class to view all the steps for specific problems".

"I excelled at the use of the SMART Boards in my math classes -
particularly in AP Calculus for graphs and other equations. The whole
class could then be involved and see the process on the board.
I will also be using the SMART Boards for my senior projects".

"On the trip we learned a technique the slaves used to make flour
from wheat and how they used their resources of the mind."






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